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Living Balance: Counseling Practice or Yoga Studio? (Part 1)

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

Woman practicing yoga
Healing Within

Is there anything more painful than being in a house with your people– your husband, your wife, your children, your siblings, your parents— and still feeling completely alone? Not able to connect. Constantly in conflict. Shut out. Scared about the future. Uncertain about if and how to move forward.

We understand, because we help people just like you get connected to themselves and the people they love most. There can be a path back. We see it everyday, right on our Zoom for Healthcare screens!

Our team of Licensed Professional Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists help individuals, couples, and families heal their personal wounds and build lasting connections with their people. This is how we define Living Balance: Healing Within and Connection Between.

That's right. We're not a yoga studio helping you find physical balance (though we do recommend the yoga and meditation for their physical and mental benefits)! We are a psychotherapy practiced focused on helping people find true well-being by facilitating internal healing and safe, connected relationships.

Healing Within:

In our journey through life, we often seek external solutions to our problems, searching for healing and happiness outside ourselves. However, true and lasting healing often begins from within. It’s a profound process of self-discovery, self-compassion, and personal growth that can transform our lives. We facilitate healing within by:

  1. Embracing Self-Acceptance: Healing within starts with embracing self-acceptance. It involves acknowledging our imperfections, embracing our strengths and weaknesses, and letting go of self-judgment. By cultivating self-compassion and treating ourselves with kindness, we create a nurturing space for healing to unfold.

  2. Cultivating Mindfulness: Practicing mindfulness allows us to become aware of our thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations in the present moment without judgment. By cultivating this non-judgmental awareness, we can better understand ourselves, identify patterns, and make conscious choices that align with our values and well-being. Mindfulness helps us develop a deeper connection with ourselves and paves the way for healing.

  3. Exploring Inner Dialogue: Our inner dialogue profoundly impacts our well-being. Take time to observe your self-talk and identify any negative or self-limiting beliefs. Challenge these beliefs by replacing them with positive, empowering thoughts. Engaging in positive affirmations and practicing gratitude can help reframe our inner dialogue and nurture healing from within.

  4. Honoring Emotional Healing: Healing within involves acknowledging and processing our emotions. Create a safe space for yourself to explore and express your feelings. Seek support from a trusted therapist or counselor who can guide you through emotional healing and help you develop healthy coping strategies. By allowing ourselves to experience and heal from past wounds, we can move towards a more balanced emotional state.

Healing within is a profound journey of self-discovery, self-compassion, and personal growth. By embracing self-acceptance, cultivating mindfulness, exploring our inner dialogue, and honoring emotional healing, we create a fertile ground for healing and transformation. Remember, the power to heal is within you, waiting to be nurtured and embraced. Begin your journey today and witness the transformative power of healing from within.

Stay tuned for our next post to learn about the other half of living balance: Connection Between.


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