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Emotionally Focused Family Therapy

We help adult family members heal broken trust, family traumas, and relationship ruptures using Emotionally Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) therapy.  EFFT is a transformative approach designed to strengthen and heal family relationships. Our therapy practice recognizes the fundamental role of emotions in shaping the dynamics and well-being of families. By fostering secure emotional connections, promoting open communication, and addressing underlying patterns of interaction, we strive to create a safe and supportive space where families can thrive. Whether you're facing conflicts, strained relationships, or transitions, our experienced therapists are dedicated to helping your family navigate challenges, deepen understanding, and cultivate lasting bonds. Discover the power of emotional connection and embark on a journey of growth and harmony with emotionally focused family therapy.


Our HIPAA compliant platform allows family members to join in family therapy, despite geographical distance, eliminating a major obstacle for families trying to receive quality care. Call us today to schedule your family's first session with us! 

Family Traumas

Unfortunately, sometimes traumatic events impact the entire family system.  If you and your loved ones are facing the repercussions of trauma we can help!

Blended Families and  Coparenting

Merging adult families can feel like a tightrope walk while juggling family histories and traditions.  We can help you navigate this transition with ease and care.

Acquired Illness and Disability

When one family member receives life changing medical news, it impacts everyone who loves them.  Families trying to navigate these new normals often benefit from extra support.

Codependency and Enmeshment

Counseling for codependency offers support and guidance to families struggling with codependent patterns. 

Communication Challenges

Does every conversation end in the same conflict or debate?  Learn to shift those patterns in family therapy with us!

Estrangement or Distance Between Family Members

With the goals of creating safety to explore each experience, identify underlying issues, building mutual respect, and fostering understanding, EFFT paves the way to reconciliation.

Failure to Launch

We help families address the challenges of helping a young adult launch into the world in a respectful and compassionate way.

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