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Mountain Range

Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT)

We understand that your struggles can often feel overwhelming, and our dedicated team is here to provide you with the support and guidance you need. Through our specialized training in Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT), we aim to foster healthy relationships, heal emotional wounds, and empower individuals to navigate life's challenges with resilience. Whether you're seeking help for anxiety, depression, trauma, or any other personal concerns, our compassionate counselors are committed to working collaboratively with you on your journey towards healing and growth. Discover a confidential and nurturing space where your unique story is honored, and let us assist you in building stronger foundations for lasting well-being.

Mountain Road

“True belonging doesn’t require that we change who we are;
it requires that we be who we are.”
– Brene’ Brown

Trauma Therapy

Our therapists can help you address the traumatic memories, emotions, sensations that are interfering in your life.  We also help people identify the automatic behaviors and reactions that are rooted in their trauma and learn to recognize those patterns and respond differently.

Affair and Betrayal Support

Few things rock our clients more than the discovery of a betrayal.  We have decades of experience supporting individuals through this tumultuous time.

Illness and Disability Adjustment

Whether it's a new diagnosis for ourselves or a loved one, the news can be both devastating and overwhelming.  We can come along side you and help you make sense of these journeys.

Relationship Distress Help

Conflict and difficulty within our relationships can cause enormous amounts of personal distress.  Our therapists are all trained to help and support individuals while they navigate relationship challenges.

Grief and Loss Support

Losing someone we love is a difficult experience that can bring out many emotions.  If you could use help moving through the grief process, our therapists can help.

Anxiety and Depression

Mood disorders can interfere with all parts of our lives: home, work, and recreation.  Let us help you navigate these difficult days and use our specialized training and expertise to help you put difficult days behind you.

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