The Center for Living Balance wants to assure you that we are taking precautions to ensure that our office is a safe place  for you to receive services. Below find information that may be helpful to you:

❖ All of our therapists are offering ​telehealth sessions in place of an office visit​ if you have been exposed to respiratory  illnesses, are feeling ill, are recovering from illness, or feel uncertain about coming to the office for your session.

❖ Tele-health sessions details will be emailed to you at your email on file if a telehealth session is scheduled. We use ​  which is a HIPPA compliant service designed for tele-health.

For clients who need or prefer in-person sessions, please note the following:

❖ Our office building will close if orders to do so come from the State of Georgia or the City of Peachtree City. If this closing  takes place, you will be notified by your email on file ASAP. ​During this season of concern, you may want to make it a  practice to check your emails prior to attending your appointment. 

❖ We are cleaning the waiting areas and offices by wiping down door handles and frequently touched areas with antibacterial  and antimicrobial wipes multiple times per day. We are also regularly washing our hands to prevent the spread of germs.

❖ We have opened a second waiting space to the left of the waiting room when you enter the office suite. We ask that ​if someone is seated in the main waiting area when you arrive, you seat yourself in the other space. 

❖ You can also wait in your car or outside. Your therapist will open the front door at the start of your appointment time,  allowing you to go straight to their office without opening any doors or sharing space with any other people.

We have also made attempts to stagger appointment times between therapists, space out appointments, and  made other arrangements to limit the number of people in the office space at any given time.  

❖ We ask that you ​wash your hands​ with soap and water in the bathroom as soon as you enter the office suite.

❖ In order to decrease the spread of germs, we also ask that you allow your therapist to open all doors for you except the  entrance into our office or bathroom. Likewise, when paying with a card, you can slide or enter your card into the square  device and allow your therapist to sign “on file” in place of your signature. These changes will decrease the number of people  touching these surfaces.

Please do not come to the office for an in-person session if you or anyone in your home are ill. ​Please also inform  us if anyone in your immediate work environment or child’s classrooms has any respiratory symptoms, or if you have traveled  internationally recently.

❖ Until otherwise noted, ​if you or someone in your family is too ill for us to meet at all, cancellations will be  accepted​ without a time limit or late cancellation fee and rescheduled as your therapist’s availability allows. Our regular  cancellation policy will remain in place for cancellations unrelated to illness.

❖ Please note that if your therapist needs to cancel or request telehealth sessions during the coming weeks to protect herself,  her family, and her clients, you will be informed with as much notice as possible if a change needs to be made to your  appointments. ​Again, please make it a practice to check your emails/cell before attending your sessions until  this season of caution has passed. We will do our best to keep you informed ASAP. 

For more information about how to best protect yourself and others from infection visit, ​​.