I founded The Center for Living Balance after I realized that client after client was talking to me about the same thing. They felt overwhelmed, worried, and unfulfilled.  They shared things like “I’m always failing at something”, “It’s supposed to be easier than this”, or “I’m so tired that I’m angry at everyone.” After exploring these experiences with my clients, we discovered that their lives seemed to be driven by one or two “shoulds” that ignored the other parts of their lives.

And when I reflected on my personal life, I realized that many times, I was falling into the same trap. I am REALLY good at doing one thing. I will blow that one thing out of the water– but the rest of my life will suffer. I will suffer to reach that goal.

Over time, I realized that something had to change, as a community we have to find a way to reach our goals without also suffering. We are craving fulfillment, but that doesn’t come with a single achievement or goal, it comes with balance— with reaching goals, feeling connected to the people we love, taking time to take care of ourselves, and seeking joy.

So here I am, hoping you’ll let me guide you on the journey to wholeness and balance.