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Do I need individual counseling?

Men and women can benefit from individual counseling
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Even though our practice specializes in relationship therapy, we do also offer individual therapy. It may seem clear that when your central concern is related to struggles you are having in a specific relationship this must mean you need therapy with the other person in the relationship, but this isn’t always the case. As individuals, we have each learned personal survival strategies that have helped us get through difficult, uncomfortable situations. Over time these survival patterns not only become habitual, but also seem to happen on autopilot (outside of our conscious, mindful awareness). We may not even be aware that these strategies are present and are affecting our relationships and happiness. Two very common survival strategies are getting out of touch with our own personal needs and/or becoming overly concerned or obsessed with our own personal needs. When either of these patterns occur, we may feel discontent, unhappy or dissatisfied and we not know why. Sometimes the very strategies that helped us cope can cause collateral damage in our personal lives that result in isolation, depression, anxiety, loneliness, conflicts, and/or a general sense of unhappiness.

Another common scenario in which individual therapy is advised is when you have experienced trauma, loss or tragedy. When these difficult events occur, the brain is literally on overload - the feelings, questions, experiences, decisions are too overwhelming for the brain to deal with at the time that these events are occurring. We do our best to get through these experiences but often there are fragments of unresolved healing we carry forward. Often, we do such an amazing job surviving these experiences that we aren’t even aware that our current struggles and unhappiness are related to these experiences. Fortunately, a trained therapist can assist you in sorting through all of the pieces and helping you restore the balance and health you once had or always wished to have.

Another source of our emotionally distressing symptoms may go beyond our relational experiences and include biological sources. Most clients who are prescribed medications for their mental health symptoms can also benefit from the therapeutic support of counseling. Many times even when these symptoms are well treated with medications, the symptoms have already or continue to interfere in our relationships. Likewise, the habits and patterns established prior to treating the symptoms with medication can persist after the symptoms are gone. Individual therapy can help explore the full range of sources of your unhappiness and assist in change.

Our therapists are trained to help you with both relationship needs and individual needs. If you're uncertain whether your need is relational, individual or both, we can assist you in figuring this out and then provide you with the counseling professionals that can best serve you.

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