Living Balance is an active choice we make everyday–  a decision to live by our personal values, in tune with our authentic selves, connected to the people we love most.  We do our best to stay aligned with those values and stay connected, despite what is happening in our lives.
Inevitably, life will deliver something that catches us off guard.  We lose our balance and lose our way.  This loss of balance can look like anxiety, depression, apathy, disconnection and conflict with our partner, or any number of negative experiences.  Being knocked off balance is painful— and sometimes we aren’t even aware it’s happening until we’re months or years down the road.  Other times, we get hit by so many things that it feels like we are imploding.
That’s where this blog series comes in.  We want you to be able to identify when you’ve been knocked off balance–  the faster you recognize it, the faster you can right yourself.  We’ll be looking at life’s most common stressors and some that might surprise you.
Here’s a quick one– Did you know that your body does not know the difference between good stress (eustress) and bad stress (distress)?  All stress brings the same chemical reaction inside the body.  It’s only in our mind, the way we make meaning out of an event, that differentiates eustress from distress.  In fact, research shows that, on average, being fired from your job and getting married produce relatively equal amounts of stress.  Talk about something knocking you off balance!
You can learn more about your stress response here.
Curious about how your recent life experiences are impacting your stress levels, health, and ability to find Living Balance?  You can click here to take the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory.