As a woman, as a mother, as a helping professional, as a medical rehabilitation counselor, Amy Jaynes, talks to women everyday who so loathe their bodies and become so fixated on changing it’s appearance that they get frozen in their ability to take care of the one body they were given.  I understand that —  it’s hard enough to go to the doctor and sit half naked on a table..  and then the lecture about weight starts.  Just the thought of it is enough to make most of us avoid making that appointment!

But what if their was a different way?  What if you could let go of the focus on weight, embrace your body, accept what it looks like, and practice gratitude for what it does for you.  I’d be that THEN, you could really focus on your health and health behaviors.  That’s what this group and the Health at Every Size movement is all about.

This group is made for you if:

– you have an all-or-nothing relationship with food
– only exercise when you’re dieting
– forget that your body has a value beyond it’s appearance
– you avoid or dread going to see your doctor because of weight or appearance

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